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6 lot subdivision that needed koala habitat and tree survey for approval

Striking the Right Balance: Uniting Luxury and Conservation at Ferny Grove

We’re happy to report on a recently completed project that we had the pleasure of working on at 137 McGinn Rd, Ferny Grove, where a distinctive fusion of vision, expertise, and environmental consciousness has led to a great achievement. Shane Edwards from Bravo Consult and Nelson Wills of New Ground Environmental has successfully showcased the harmonious coexistence of luxury living and environmental preservation.

The challenge at hand was no small feat: designing a subdivision featuring six upscale lots while ensuring the protection of the local Koala habitat and native flora. This was no ordinary task, but Shane and Nelson rose to the occasion with unwavering determination.

Shane Edwards, leading the team at Bravo Consult, spearheaded the civil engineering aspects of the subdivision design. Rather than simply creating a few plots, they meticulously crafted a seamless blend of luxury living and environmental sustainability—a blueprint for future development that embraces and values our natural surroundings.

Meanwhile, Nelson Wills and our team at New Ground Environmental were entrusted with conducting a comprehensive tree survey and environmental impact study. Their expertise ensured that the subdivision design was considerate and respectful of the local ecosystem, with special attention given to the invaluable Koala habitat and indigenous flora.

The journey through the Development Approval (DA) process was anything but easy—it demanded patience, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to the project’s vision. Alongside the planners and engineers, we expertly navigated the process, ensuring full compliance with all regulations while upholding the project’s environmental integrity.

Success! Not only have they achieved an approved subdivision, but they have also established a benchmark for the coexistence of luxury living and environmental preservation. Their accomplishment underscores the notion that thoughtful design and meticulous planning can yield outcomes that benefit both residents and the environment.

In the near future, new families will call this place home—a haven that seamlessly merges the comforts of contemporary living with the untouched beauty of the Australian bush. Awakening to the sights of native flora and the serene sounds of Koalas in their natural habitat, these families will serve as living proof that progress and environmental respect can thrive hand in hand.

Here’s to the whole project team including Shane Edwards, Nelson Wills, and their dedicated teams. Their unwavering commitment has resulted in a subdivision that not only provides homes but also safeguards and honors our natural world. This project transcends mere success; it stands as an exemplar and a source of inspiration for all future developments.

To connect with Shane or his team at Bravo Consult, please visit their website at (

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