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What does an ecologist do in property development?

If you’re looking at undertaking a property development project, it is important to consider not just the town planning and financial aspects of the project, but also the effect it may have on the on-site environmental values (e.g. protected vegetation, large trees etc.) and the surrounding ecosystem. This is where a New Ground environmental consultant and ecologist could come in.

So what is an ecologist? An ecologist is a professional who studies the relationships between plants, animals, and humans and their environment. They hold minimum undergraduate tertiary qualifications in the field and use their knowledge to assess the ecological attributes of land and guide land management in a way that balances human and environmental needs.

Where a property is affected by significant vegetation, an ecologist can provide an ecological assessment report that outlines the important ecological features of a site and how they may be affected by a proposed development. This report can be used to guide the design of the development and activity in a way that avoids, minimizes, or mitigates any negative impacts on the ecosystem. It will also likely be required to demonstrate to the Council or the State Government that your development will have a negligible impact on the natural functions of the site. For example, if your development requires the removal of some native trees, or edging into a koala habitat overlay, a New Ground Ecologist Assessment Report (EAR) will demonstrate that the impacts of the development will not negatively affect the flora and fauna.

By engaging New Ground, you can ensure your project both protects and enhances the environment whilst allowing you to achieve the highest density and yield possible. It’s a win-win situation, where the development can proceed while minimizing the negative impact on the environment and the surrounding ecosystem, thus balancing the human and environmental process interactions.

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