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Urban Sprawl’s Impact on Koalas: Threats and Solutions for their Habitats

Urban sprawl poses a significant threat to koalas in Australia. As cities and towns grow, koala habitats are often fragmented or lost entirely, encouraging koalas to wander in search of new homes. In this process they often face threats such as vehicle collisions and attacks from dogs, both of which are leading causes of koala fatalities. Understanding the complexities of urban sprawl and its effects on koalas is critical, and this short documentary provides valuable insights from professionals working in the field.

Nelson Wills, an environmental planner and director at New Ground, is one such professional. His work revolves around assessing the environmental impacts and planning requirements of diverse projects. He underscores the importance of taking into account the broader environmental planning context and ecological value in all his dealings.

The documentary also shares insights from Tim Portis, Wildlife Veterinary Director at RSPCA Queensland. Portis highlights the growing influx of injured koalas as a result of urban sprawl. Further emphasising this issue, Mike from Moreton Bay Koala Rescue illustrates how the koala breeding season typically sees an uptick in rescues. This surge in incidents is primarily attributed to male koalas wandering in their quest for mates, frequently straying into urbanised areas. As these koalas traverse busy roads and navigate backyards, they find themselves in the path of vehicles and domestic dogs, adding to the unfortunate statistics.

New Ground is not just committed to understanding these issues, but actively working to address them. New Ground Conservation, for instance, is a dedicated initiative with the primary aim of implementing environmental conservation projects that make a tangible difference. From securing sanctuaries to reducing threats to biodiversity, the team is dedicated to leaving a legacy that benefits both the environment and the generations that will inherit it.

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