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Your Guide to EPBC Act Referrals

Navigate EPBC Act referrals with New Ground’s expert guidance. Ensure compliance and project success.

Navigating the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) can be daunting. At New Ground, we specialise in steering project proponents through the intricate pathways of EPBC Act referrals, approvals, and environmental offsets

Expert EPBC Act Navigation Services

Based in Queensland, New Ground boasts a proven track record of success in managing the complexities of the EPBC Act for a diverse range of projects.

Australia's EPBC Act Experts

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Strategic EPBC Act Approvals Strategies

Our strategic planning ensures that your project navigates the EPBC Act approvals process efficiently, with minimised risks and optimised outcomes.

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Delivery of EPBC Act Environmental Offsets

New Ground also works in the delivery of EPBC Act environmental offsets on behalf of project proponents, managing obligations and contributing to ecological sustainability.

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Environmental Offset Strategies

We devise and implement environmental offset strategies that fulfil EPBC Act requirements, contributing to the conservation of biodiversity while enabling project development.

Ecological Assessments & Threatened Species Management

Our ecological assessments are thorough and tailored, focusing on identifying and managing threatened species to ensure your project’s environmental integrity and compliance with the EPBC Act.

6 lot subdivision that needed koala habitat and tree survey for approval

Comprehensive EPBC Act Referrals and Approvals

From masterplanned residential communities to coal seam gas (CSG) developments and major infrastructure projects, we’ve successfully guided numerous clients through the EPBC Act referrals and approvals process, ensuring compliance and advancing project timelines.


Recognised Industry Leadership

These projects span the diverse landscapes of south-eastern, western, and northern Queensland, showcasing our ability to adapt and excel in varied environmental settings.

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Why Choose New Ground for EPBC Act Navigation?

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Some of our clients:

Navigate the EPBC Act with New Ground


Let New Ground be your compass in the complex terrain of the EPBC Act. Our expert team is ready to guide your project through the referrals, approvals, and offsets process with strategic insight and unwavering support.

Contact us today to navigate the EPBC Act with confidence and achieve your project objectives efficiently and compliantly.

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